Chimney & Air-Duct Cleaning News

A properly maintained chimney working well done by a regular chimney cleaning professional.

Why Every Homeowner Should Have a Regular Chimney Professional on Hand

A Chimney plays a critical part in your home & must stay in top condition. Discover the reasons why every homeowner should have a chimney professional on hand!

A dirty, clogged gutter causing home problems as a result of not cleaning gutters regularly.

8 Consequences of Not Cleaning Your Gutters

Taking care of your gutters is essential for your home. Understand these eight consequences of not cleaning your gutters to protect your home & family today!

A bird sitting where critters can get into your chimney, on top of the roof.

5 Signs a Critter Has Taken Up Residence in Your Chimney

Wildlife may be welcome in your garden but not in your home. A chimney is no place for critters. Learn five signs an animal is in your chimney & what to do!

A person holding their thermostat control examining it for any HVAC myths.

HVAC Myths You Swore Were True

Believing HVAC myths is common & can raise your energy costs & shorten your equipment life. Learn about these five HVAC myths & save your hard-earned cash!

Person holding up their hand and coughing due to uncleaned air from polluted ductwork.

What’s That Smell? 5 Side Effects of Uncleaned Ductwork

What’s that smell? Is your HVAC producing poor air quality? See these five side effects of uncleaned ductwork, the dangers & learn how to fix these problems!

A stack of wood in front of a proper fireplace and chimney serviced by a chimney professional

What to Ask a Chimney Professional Before Hiring Them

Regular cleaning of fireplaces and chimneys is essential. Here’s what to ask a chimney professional before hiring them. Read our blog to learn more!