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A Chimney with ciimney damage on top of a house

Homebuyer Beware: Spot These 6 Signs of Chimney Damage Before You Buy

Owning a home is a dream most people have and work towards. While…
A smoking chimney on top of a residential house in northern virginia that would need chimney cleaning in different seasons.

Chimney Cleaning for Different Seasons: What You Need to Know & Do

Want your chimney to work during winter? Taken care of it year round then. Discover what you need to know & do for chimney cleaning during different seasons!
A stack of wood in front of a proper fireplace and chimney serviced by a chimney professional

What to Ask a Chimney Professional Before Hiring Them

Regular cleaning of fireplaces and chimneys is essential. Here's what to ask a chimney professional before hiring them. Read our blog to learn more!
Avoid Chimney Cleaning Logs, logs burning in indoor fireplace

6 Reasons to Avoid Chimney Cleaning Logs & DIY Fireplace Care

When money’s tight, homeowners look for savings, and cooling…