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Why Air Duct Cleaning Benefits Your Health

Did you know that most of the toxins we breathe in every day come from inside our homes?

That’s right. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), some pollutants are 2 to 5 times higher indoors than outdoors.

Since we spend about 90% of our time indoors, that’s a scary thought.

But we can be proactive in keeping the air in our homes fresh and clean. Via air duct cleaning!

Air duct cleaning benefits are many. And the job doesn’t take long to do.

Read on, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about air duct cleaning.

What Do Air Ducts Do Anyway?

In homes with central heat and air, the air ducts are the passages through the house. They provide channels for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. This system is commonly referred to as HVAC.

The ducts have an essential job. They deliver and remove air from the rooms in your home. When the air is pulled out of rooms, it’s conditioned before reentry. The air cycles through the ducts multiple times every day.

If systems are in peak condition, this cycle ensures comfortable temperatures and fresh air. At least, in most cases.

If you have dirty ducts, that’s another story. If left untreated, problems in your HVAC unit can lead to problems in your home.

Air Duct Cleaning Benefits

Cleaning dirty ducts is a simple and affordable procedure. Licensed professionals will come in with their tools and remove all traces of dust and contaminants in your ductwork.

When the cleaning happens on an annual basis, it can have many benefits.

What follows are a few of the most notable benefits.

Cleaner Living Space

Do you feel like your home is always dusty? Does it feel as though you spend hours cleaning, but you can’t keep up with the level of dust on your surfaces?

If so, your air ducts may require a cleaning.

Air duct cleaning can significantly reduce the amount of dust that may be in your ductwork. The process effectively eliminates excess dust from circulating the air. Less dust circulating means less dust landing on your furniture.

All of which means less cleaning for you. That alone should make everyone happy.

Reduce Allergens

Does anyone in your family have allergies? Perhaps someone has asthma or other respiratory problems?

One thing you can do to help them is to keep your ductwork clean. In so doing, you’ll reduce the number of allergens and irritants circulating in your system.

By reducing the allergens in the air, you’re helping those afflicted with such problems breathe a little better.

Some of the nasty microorganisms that can make themselves at home in your air ducts include:

  • pet dander
  • mildew
  • pollen
  • bacteria

Periodically cleaning out your air ducts will give them the boot. Promoting healthier living for all.

Breathe Easy

Even if you don’t have anyone with respiratory issues living at home, you can still benefit from an air duct cleaning.

Even the most healthy people can suffer from dirty ducts. Possible health effects that are associated with indoor air pollution include:

  • irritation of mucus membranes
  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • fatigue

Air duct cleaning helps establish a comfortable environment year-round.

Remove Odors

Many things can cause lingering odors in the home. Such as:

  • pets
  • household cleaners
  • mold
  • tobacco use indoors
  • food preparation

Every time you run your AC unit, you may catch a whiff of these things. That’s because the air will keep circulating the odor molecules that are in the ductwork.

Fear not; air duct cleaning can help manage any malodors you may have in the home. You’ll feel like you’re living in a Febreeze commercial in no time.

More Efficient Airflow

Better efficiency is always desirable. The need for maximum efficiency is especially true when it comes to home appliances.

Dirty ducts and registers can develop heavy build-ups. Things like dust, grime, and other undesirables. This build-up can restrict the flow of air through the system.

Restricted airflow is bad news all around. Your system will have to work twice as hard to heat, cool, and move air through the ductwork.

On the flip side, a clean duct system will give you the most efficient performance. More bang for your buck, if you will.

Fire Safety

Beyond the sights and smells of dirty ducts, one other issue arises. And that’s fire safety.

Dryer vents that have build-up in them can easily cause fires. The National Fire Protection Association cites clogged dryer vents as the cause of nearly 17,000 home fires each year.

These fires cause around $236 million in property loss, not to mention death and bodily injuries. Cleaning your ductwork can help keep your family safe.

Should You Clean Your Air Ducts?

How do you know when you need to have your air ducts cleaned?

That’s hard to say. The conditions in every home are unique, so you’ll need to use your best judgment.

If you have family members with respiratory conditions or allergies, regular air duct cleaning can be beneficial.

Additionally, if you notice any of the following, you may benefit from cleaning your air ducts:

  • visible dust or debris in registers
  • visible mold or mold-like substances
  • persistent bad smells
  • heavy levels of dust on surfaces
  • infestation of vermin in the ductwork

On the topic of mold, many parts of your ductwork won’t be visible to you. For that matter, they aren’t easily accessible without the right tools. If you suspect you have a mold issue, you’ll want to have professionals come in to confirm.

HVAC cleaners can quickly assess areas in your ductwork that have mold or mildew problems with the right tools.

If it turns out that your insulation has gotten wet or moldy, there is no way to treat it. If that is the case, any affected insulation will have to be removed and replaced.

Banish Dirty Ducts; Call Six Penny!

There are many air duct cleaning benefits that you may not have thought about before.

A good air duct cleaning service will check all the boxes. From getting rid of any vermin to having better indoor air quality.

We hope that you’ll consider our family-owned business to help meet your air duct cleaning needs.

We’ve been in business cleaning air ducts and chimneys since 1980. It’s our high-quality service that has kept us around and kept our clients happy.

But don’t take our word for it. If you think you’re ready to clean those dirty ducts, please reach out for a free quote. We can’t wait to exceed your expectations.

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